It’s that time of year when you notice a difference with the temperature (yes even in LA fall has happened even though later today will be in the 80’s) and my skin needs a little bit of extra attention. As I am writing this I’m onto my third fancy drink of the day (I’ve already had my collagen coffee and a nutrient packed smoothie!) and its only 10am… a fresh grapefruit and fresh orange juice freshly made with our juicer! Quite a mouthful but wanted to emphasize the “fresh” part as this really makes a difference with your overall wellbeing especially when the seasons change and you have to go that one step further to up your health game. Sometimes doing so much can be exhausting I know, but once you get it all into your routine and create a lifestyle of looking after yourself it will become so natural and you will see such a difference in the way you feel as well as appearance. I’ve been making a conscious effort to make sure I’m getting at least 8 hours a sleep a night as I definitely function better when I do. I have also been taking more relaxing moments and not being my usual go go go self and doing a million and one things that aren’t always absolutely necessary, for some reason I feel guilty when I’m not busy!!! The virgo girl in me likes to be organized and get things done which is why I have so many to do lists on my notes section of my phone which is not a bad thing at all but I really notice when I over do myself and I can’t perform at my best. Relaxing for me is sitting on my balcony in my comfy joggers and oversized sweatshirt my hair thrown up into a top knot, most likely a face mask on and both pups by my side! This is heaven to me even if I just do this for half an hour ( especially if everything around me is clean and tidy haha I like things in their place!!!!)

I have also been adding some more skincare products into my routine. The ARBONNE AgeWell range that has Bakuchoil

( I still do not know how to correctly pronounce it so don’t worry if you don’t either lol!) this ingredient is vegan and found in the leaves and seeds of the Psoralea corylifolia plant to keep the products retinol free but provide your skin with moisture and collagen to support the aging process of your skin. Adding these products have been great and I’ve noticed the texture of my skin and the “hate to say it” fine lines not be as prominent. I will continue using this range and boosting as and when needed depending on my “sweaty skin” moments with the Fré skincare products to keep my skin as clear and supported as possible. I actually get really excited when doing my face morning and night with my products as I know I’ve found the perfect balance to allow me to feel confident when I’m make up free. Best feeling ever, but it takes a moment to work out what works for you so don’t be hard on yourself.