Check out a few examples of how Sarah and the SLR Life have positively impacted people’s lives and daily routines!
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“Her unique sculpting technique has tightened my core, glutes, and arms. I now have arm muscles from her weight training, abs and obliques from her compound exercises and leaner legs from dance cardio.

Sarah’s professional attitude and warm persona makes you coming back for more. I love a challenge and Sarah challenges me in a safe & efficient way.”
"Sarah is a fitness trainer you will want to train with consistently for so many reasons! I’ve always enjoyed her positive energy and intense workouts but really stepped it up in the months before my wedding. We trained 2-4 times a week together, and I saw results fast! What’s so awesome about the SLR method is that it’s designed to sculpt long and lean muscles, concentrating on small movements with high repetition. The sessions we spend together fly by because the workouts are challenging, fun and also therapeutic: Sarah always knows exactly what to say to give you the confidence to keep going and achieve your goals."
“Her high energy, keen eye for precision and dynamic workouts keep you engaged and challenged. Every workout feels like a brand new one.

As a new mom, small business owner and surgeon, I have very little “me” time, so my workouts have to be concise and effective. ”
“Sarah is Amazing! Energetic! An inspirational trainer! I love her individual training, as well as her classes. Her encouraging attitude is contagious and always inspires me to do my best! “
"Sarah is an incredible trainer! She knows how to push you each class so you get a great work out every time. Every class is an intense, no slacking sweat session. She corrects your form if you're not quite getting it which is very important for fitness training to ensure you get maximum results and keeping your joints and muscles protected."
“Sarah’s workout routines are very challenging, but she is so inspirational and motivational the whole time you are doing them, that it’s like you have your own personal cheerleader! And for me, that helps push me through the hardest of exercises. Plus, you feel so good and full of energy after working out with her. Bonus—she also posts quick workouts that you can do at home while cooking, doing laundry, and watching TV.”